Visuals for The Vapour Trail

Here’s 2 videos I made for a friends band The Vapour Trails. Duncan seems to like surfing and biplanes so I’ve mixed these images in. I put the jellyfish in as I love them and think they were a cool change for the loud bits!


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Doctor Who Theme Tune on Minimoog

Live performance of the Doctor Who Theme Tune on a MiniMoog Old School. The backing has been made using Stylus for drums, Arturia Minimoog for synths and Tardis samples off the internet. This has gone down excellently on youtube with lots of positive comments. It’s also crept into various Dr Who sites aound the world.

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Synth Improvisation with Tony Silcock

A week ago Tony & I got together for a synth jam. He’s playing Minimoog and I’m on Nord & Mopho. Most of it is live. There’s a drum loop a weird noise and a repeating bass note on Cubase.

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Malcolm X gig

Cool gig yesterday with a dark basement atmosphere. The synth seminars went great. Guys were just attracted to the gadgets and wires. I really must set-up this Synth Freaks night in a bar. Where people could bring their synths and chill/jam/mess around.

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Hyperdust performing with Chris Bird

Hyperdust is performing an electronic set with singer Chris Bird. Classic early 80’s electro and our own new tracks.

2-3pm Sunday 8th May 2011. Malcolm X Centre – Basement, 141 City Road, Bristol

Also after that I will be giving an informal seminar on synthesis using a Doepfer Modular Synthesizer.

This is part of the Montpelier Arts Festival, organised by the Bristol Art Fringe 

The Basement we are playing in will also be full of visual artists and their various creations.

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Doepfer & Moog Improvisation

A few weeks ago I performed this improvisation on my Doepfer A-100 modular and the Moog Voyager Minimoog Old School. They are both CV controlled so the LFO clock on the Doepfer was syncing the Moog sample and hold.

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First gig of the new band last night. Chris Bird & I – vocals and keyboards. Sang three new songs – we called ourselves Colour X, but will probably call ourselves something else next time!
The event was called Treehouse – in Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft, Bristol. It is a group of artists who want to explore spirituality and God through their various media.

Colour X by Hyperdust

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Crockett’s Theme

I’m slowly working through classic electro tracks over the years. I didn’t watch Miami Vice, but lots of people did and I love the track. I’ve played this live in a local pub recently – everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Using my new tiny Dace Smith Mopho Synth. I programmed this sound and think it is beautiful – very playable.

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Tonestepa has been writing some downtempo tracks and asked me to write something about the Universe to be spoken over one of them. This is what I came up with.

Our solar system has 8 planets orbiting a medium sized star. There are about 400 billion stars in our galaxy and it would take light 80,000 years to pass across it. It is suggested that at its centre it harbours a supermassive black hole holding it all together.

Our galaxy is impossibly big to imagine and yet it is part of a local group which contains more than 40 galaxies. Most galaxies are organised into clusters like this which in turn are part of long, thin walls of super-clusters forming along and following web-like strings of dark matter. These sheets and filaments surround immense voids in the universe.

The Universe is at least 93 billion light years across and has probably 100 billion galaxies in. These numbers become completely meaningless. Its size is beyond understanding. It makes us seem totally insignificant. But are we? Do we have any significant purpose in this universe?

Our planet with its Iron and gold is made up of the remains of an ancient sun – an exploding supernova.  We are made up of the atoms of this planet. We are part of the planet. Our atoms intermingle and swap with the planet around us. There is no clear boundary between us and it.

But we have become something new. We can consider who we are, how we came into being. We explore the origins of the universe itself and try to work out its wonders. We are the planet become conscious – the universe become self-aware.

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“Are Friends Electric”

Been studying classic electro tracks and am pleased with this version of “Are Friends Electric?” by Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army. I saw a clip on youtube of them playing on The Old Grey Whistle Test and I think the main synth line was on a Minimoog, so my Moog Voyager should be just right.

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