Last Album by Hyperdust – 2008 – 14 tracks ranging from Trance to Funky House, Drum n Bass to Chilled. Recorded by James Bragg at The Fernforest Project with guest vocals from Fx & T. Mastered by Rob at Ruby Music and printed by Matt at Hifi Copies. Artwork by Mr Blinc.

There is also a CD/DVD which can be bought and posted to you by clicking on contact on the above menu. The DVD has 9 tracks with visuals by VJBragg.

Invention by Hyperdust


2005 – hyperdust – pulse

1. me free

2. pulse

3. blessed

4. galaxy

5. believer

6. post-millennium

2000 – somethin’ you ain’t heard before

christian compilation album, including one of our tracks – brothers and sisters


2000 – hyperdust – the sky goes all the way home

charity compilation album including one of our tracks – in the perfect blue

see www.zoo.co.uk/~nw/thesky/

1998 – nearly got “brothers & sisters” on streetwise album with fat boy slim, boy george and many others. track not finished in time, but afterwards sounded fantastic – sad

1998 – hyperdust – 21

1. 21

2. wild heaven

3. 21 – future dream

4. triple X – heaven


1995 – strange blue world – d3

1. she is wisdom

2. shake

3. in the day

4. knock it down

5. like an angel

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