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Hyperdust performing with Chris Bird

Hyperdust is performing an electronic set with singer Chris Bird. Classic early 80’s electro and our own new tracks. 2-3pm Sunday 8th May 2011. Malcolm X Centre – Basement, 141 City Road, Bristol Also after that I will be giving … Continue reading

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Doepfer & Moog Improvisation

A few weeks ago I performed this improvisation on my Doepfer A-100 modular and the Moog Voyager Minimoog Old School. They are both CV controlled so the LFO clock on the Doepfer was syncing the Moog sample and hold.

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First gig of the new band last night. Chris Bird & I – vocals and keyboards. Sang three new songs – we called ourselves Colour X, but will probably call ourselves something else next time! The event was called Treehouse … Continue reading

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Crockett’s Theme

I’m slowly working through classic electro tracks over the years. I didn’t watch Miami Vice, but lots of people did and I love the track. I’ve played this live in a local pub recently – everyone seemed to really enjoy … Continue reading

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Tonestepa has been writing some downtempo tracks and asked me to write something about the Universe to be spoken over one of them. This is what I came up with. Our solar system has 8 planets orbiting a medium sized … Continue reading

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“Are Friends Electric”

Been studying classic electro tracks and am pleased with this version of “Are Friends Electric?” by Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army. I saw a clip on youtube of them playing on The Old Grey Whistle Test and I think … Continue reading

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Live cover by Hyperdust of The Model by Kraftwerk

2 nights ago some friends had a music night in our local pub. I performed a few live covers of early 80’s electro, which seemed to go down well with the punters. Here’s one of the tracks.

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Video for Tonestepa

My friend Tonestepa has written some new downtempo tracks, so I did some VJ images for him. I raided old sci-fi films for weird stuff and mashed it together. Hope you like it. If you like his music, then befriend … Continue reading

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